About Us

I’m Sandra Lean. Since 2003, I have studied injustice in the UK. I’ve worked with individuals, families, campaign groups, media personnel, experts, specialists and members of the public, to try to raise awareness of the terrible flaws at the heart of our Justice Systems.
Because it’s such a huge problem, with so many aspects to be addressed, it’s an enormous task to create a central platform where real stories can be told and heard, developments in the CJS can be monitored, new and current information can be found and support for those seeking to have the truth uncovered is available, which is why the aim of Long Road to Justice is to work alongside other groups and organisations with similar aims.    

Our Mission

After so many years trying to help individual families, I came to realise that the best way I can help is to raise awareness – share information, stories, news and developments to empower people to get their own truth out to a wider audience and, in so doing, build support for re-examination of cases.

A small team of us have come together to do whatever we can – help with books, films and podcasts, put people in touch with others who may be able to help and generally, create a central “hub” to try to help steer people in the right direction.