14-year-old Luke Mitchell was convicted of the murder of his girlfriend Jodi Jones in 2003. But did a 17 month long media campaign of vilification and lies convict an innocent boy?

The true story of a young woman’s horrifying ordeal, forced to witness the murder of her own father, then convicted for the actions, which she could do nothing to prevent, of another.

Barry George was convicted, in 2001, of the 1999 murder of TV presenter Jill Dando, but acquitted in 2008. His sister, Michelle, tells the heartbreaking story of her family’s fight for justice.

A fascinating and disturbing insight into commonplace, yet largely hidden practices in police investigations, court proceedings, expert reports and ‘criminal’ convictions.

School teacher, Sion Jenkins, was convicted, then cleared, of the murder of his foster daughter, Billie Jo. Read Sion’s first-hand account of the police investigation that let Billie Jo’s real killer escape. 

Michael O’Brien spent eleven years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, losing everything – his freedom, his wife, his child and his health. But Michael fought back and to this day, uses his experiences to help others.